Ancient Mediterranean as a Laboratory of Cultural Transmission

New food products, new technologies or even new religions – they all can be viewed as cultural innovations. We can ask why some of these innovations become popular in a society while others vanish immediately or why some innovations spread very quickly while others need centuries to be accepted. Of course, this has a lot to do with nature of the innovation itself: what do we expect from it, how much does it cost, or how attractive is it? Someone can easily start buying organic food after seeing it once in a supermarket, while it may take a lot of time to decide to buy a new solar powered house. Thus, an innovation can be very simple and its adoption very cheap (like in the case of buying new food product) or extremely complex (like buying untypical house).


GEHIR has a blog!

We proudly announce, that we are loyal to our (nonpublic :) ) intention to open the hood of the project on social media. The October's workshop was a first step in becoming "social", yet relationships need continuing flow of communication. The digital nature of the project calls for up-to-date methods.