We proudly announce, that we are loyal to our (nonpublic :) ) intention to open the hood of the project on social media. The October's workshop was a first step in becoming "social", yet relationships need continuing flow of communication. The digital nature of the project calls for up-to-date methods.

On the one hand we plan to use this medium as a platform for fresh reports from our "worktable", and on the other  as a tool for evangelizing and following up on other people's great work. We will start by publication of the video material from our workshop, so we can share the opportunity to see all the interesting papers.

We would like to write at least small update once a month, so let's make this goal public, to make the dealing with the shame harder.

Outside of the blogging, we plan a stream of conference papers and meetings this year.  With a vision of later collaboration, we start by visiting Johannes Preiser-Kapeller from Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Medieval Research, Division of Byzantine Research in Viennna. Concerning complex geospatioal networks, there are methodological overlaps of GEHIR with MEDCON project.

Later in March, there will be an echo of GEHIR on computer science conference in Taiwan, International Symposium on Grids and Clouds 2016. The light of the day sees our new python based modelling platform for combining agent based modellng with complex geospatial networks.

Further, we have a paper in Leiden, on a coference focusing on interplay between archeology and video games and we are keenly looking forward for Vienna's Entangled Worlds. Let's hope our paper will be accepted on Second European Coference on Social Networks in Paris, where there is definitely much to learn.

Many papers from GEHIR will be presented on this year's EASR in Helsinki, where we co-organize panel "Religions as Networks of Concepts, Practices, Artefacts and Minds: Case Studies from Ancient Mediterranean" with people from REECR.

There is chance we visit Albena, and Digital Humanities conference in Krakow. 

In the second half of the year, we hope to get the opportunity explore the cognitive dimension of GEHIR project on IACSR conference in Vancouver. And the real deal will be workshop on complex network in Budapest in late summer hosted by CEU and organized by generous support of Luther Martin and Don Wiebe.

And lastly we should not forget, that we are working on first publications from the ongoing research, which we plan to submit in the second half of the year. So the intentions are declared, now just the work.