We are CEDRR now…

GEHIR is now officially hosted by the Centre for the Digital Research of Religion (CEDRR) at Masaryk University! CEDRR is an interdisciplinary research centre applying digital technologies and digital methods of analysis in research into religion. At a certain point in the history of our Department for the Study of Religions, parallel sprouts of computational historiography appeared, the scope of our historical focus extended, which resulted in new collaborations and projects. Therefore, a new centre was needed to encompass these endeavours. CEDRR is the new home for our research activities and gives us more space for transdisciplinary cooperation among colleagues from methodologically related projects at Masaryk University. We are truly looking forward to promoting the idea of generative historiography in this innovative and inspiring research environment!


GEHIR continues!

Although the Generative Historiography of Religion project, funded by the Grant Agency of Masaryk University, officially ended in December 2017, the specific interdisciplinary know-how of the GEHIR team will not be forgotten. Some members of the GEHIR project received funding from the Czech Science Foundation for a three-year project with the title: „Religions on the Ancient Mediterranean Networks: The Role of Primary and Secondary Centers in the Spread of Religious Innovations”.


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